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Winning the Future Through Education

"Winning the Future Through Education
is not so much a book to be read but a guide to be followed."

For Students - Think of it as a road map on how to study, avoid pitfalls, secure resources, and become inspired to earn better grades and graduate. It also provides useful advice on how to team-up with peers and adult partners for making your climb to the head of the class easier. Decide which strategies and best practices are most useful for you to implement when targeting and transforming bad study habits into good ones.

For Parents and Mentors - This book serves as a guide to assist you in your important work. Whether you are a TRIO professional, school guidance counselor, a youth worker in a community center or member of a religious network who looks out for the welfare of young people, this book will add value to your mission.

For Teachers and Tutors - You need to read and heed valuable strategies for guiding learners to excel. The practical advice contained herein will resonate with your role as educators. There is no more important work for all of us than to guide young people to enter the age of knowledge eager to win the future through education.

The Steps to Success:

  • Excel by completing school tasks early
  • Grow your word power and avoid reckless reading
  • Earn a good B rather than a flawed A
  • Read before and after the lecture
  • Leverage free time to sprint ahead
  • Study with all of your senses, some of your classmates, and a few of your mentors
  • Stop viewing educators as mean, abusive adults
  • Stop yielding to tech driven distractions
  • Stop pursuing logical paths to wrong destinations
  • Honor loved ones with your academic success

"If America committed itself to ensure that every child in today's K-12 generation read this book, America would be back on tract to reclaim its position at the head of the class among the nations of the world. No library, home, or backpack should be without a copy of this brilliantly written book."

Dr. Juan Andrade, Jr. President
United States Hispanic Leadership Institute, Chicago, IL

"In my generation we need something or someone that will lend a helping hand and be "real" with us. Throughout the book every step is clear and understandable. Each step guides teens along the path of success for good grades, graduating, and engaging in life. I've taken one of the steps for my own road of reaching achievement by completing school tasks early. Also, it is a fun and easy read."

Jadea Edmonds, Student
Booker T. Washington High School, Montgomery, AL

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Price: $20.00
Paperback: 320 pages
Publisher: New Century Forum; 1st edition (2013)
Language: English

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