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Colleges / Universities

We have worked with colleges and universities to:

  • Deliver commencement addresses, colloquiums, convocations and lectures in higher education forums, to foster understanding and collaboration across identity group lines for individual growth, a healthy institutional climate, and a fair and just society
  • Provide workshops for faculty and support staff development when addressing the needs of underrepresented groups in work teams
  • Assist service providers in developing strategies for increasing the academic success and graduation rates of first time college students
  • Enhance the cultural competencies of counselors, student program specialists and special emphasis program coordinators to effectively shape and sustain a supportive learning climate for students lacking the framework to excel in a college/university setting
  • Motivate students to embrace steps to success in their educational journey
  • Share best practices for mentoring across comfort zones
  • Coach senior administrators on leading change in an increasingly diverse institution
  • Guide resident advisors on how to leverage diversity in the living experience for developing cultural competencies among students, to reduce tension and enhance collaboration
  • Work with campus safety personnel for serving and protecting an increasingly multicultural college/university community
  • Introduce strategies for reducing sexual harassment and other discriminatory complaints
  • Share best practices for recruiting, growing, promoting and retaining minorities for tenured faculty positions